Why Choose Us
   Ignition throttle valve control knobs
  • Push-to-turn childproof safety
  • Variable flame power adjustment
  • Leather-feel rotation
   Combination Mickey and Twister Burners Valve
  • Functions as both or independently
  • Gas control valve is capable of 36,000 cycles of turning, effectively last for 9.86 years
   Flame Failure Device
  • Equipped with safety valve that cuts off gas flow automatically when flame failed accidentally
   More Eco-Friendly

  • The system draws in clean air (O2) and release near zero amount of carbon monoxide (CO). With lower gas consumption, it helps to reduce the use of fast-depleting fossil energy.

Save Gas
   Thermal Resistant Ceramic Coating Burner Cap
  • The flame twirls at a center-inwards angles, providing optimum air-gas mixture for clean combustion for maximizing thermal efficiency.
  • Non-magnetic stainless steel burner coated with high heat resistant layer to enhance durability.

Super Energy Efficiency
  • The Venturi Burner design generates the twister flame which can transfer maximum heat energy to the pot in the shortest time.

Easy Cleaning
  • Detachable parts facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.

Boiling Time Comparison

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